Friday, May 6, 2011

Back to this blogging thing.... I'm going to make another attempt at this blog thing. So many new things going on in the Sayers world. I don't even know where to begin. Yes I do, I went to HAWAII in March. That was pretty much the highlight of my life(beside my kids) That place is incredible and  there are so many words to explain it and would take a whole other blog post to talk about.
     Let's talk about the kids. Tanner is currently involved with baseball and thank the Lord that he plays to just have fun and not all for the win. He may not be the most gifted player but I guarantee he has the most heart and desire to want to play. Poor kids learning to adjust to having to wear glasses for the 1st time ever. Apparently he's nearsighted and has double vision...all that happened since his last check up 2 yrs ago. Bad mom award for not taking him last year. All good now so I am redeemed.
    Savannah....that's all I got to say! For those that know her will probably have just LOL'd at that. She has been doing tumbling since the start of January and after moving her to a new gym couple months ago she has learned so much. I am amazed at times when I watch her. She wants to try it all and do the best at it. She is the type that needs challenge and I love that. Next week she will start cheerleading thus leading us into another adventure. Oh and almost forgot she starts coach pitch softball also in the next week or so. As long as my kids love what they do I will not stop them!
   Landyn, well lets just say this kid is exhausting! I'm pretty sure he will be the one to put me over the edge and test my motherly patience and his dads as well. Not to mention the enormous doctors bills we are sure to receive by all the many broken bones and cuts and bruise he will endure.
   Life is sure crazy but its a crazy good. I sometimes wonder as a mom"am I doing an okay job?" " am I teaching my kids whats best for them" I have to say that the true test is how they treat others. As much as I would love in a perfect world for my kids to obey me and give me the utmost respect, we all know this ain't gonna happen 100% of the time. To be told that your child is respect full and obeys the rules by others is the ultimate BRAVO to me.

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